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Who trades commodities?

Commodities are natural resources such as oil, gas, coffee and soy beans. Commodities are exchanged through future contracts on exchanges around the world by producers and buyers. When a future contract expires, these traders exchange the actual commodity. The second type of traders involved in the commodity markets are the speculators, i.e. traders who buy and sell commodities with the purpose of profit.

The two most heavily traded commodities are oil and gas, also known as hard commodities. Among the two, crude oil is the most important due to its extensive use in transportation and production. The price of oil is such a powerful world indicator that it can also dominate politics, as nations with high oil production tend to have substantial influence on the global financial system.

Why trade commodities?

Whether you are a trader or not, the prices of oil and gas affects us all on a daily basis. In the past, investing in commodities was limited to the people who had a significant capital as well as enough time and expertise. Access to the commodity markets today is available to non-professionals too, allowing online traders to capitalize both on short-term and long-term price fluctuations.

The energy markets have their own unique characteristics, which is why trading oil and gas is a popular choice among forex traders who want to diversify their trading. Known for their high liquidity, buying and selling oil and gas are available 23 hours a day throughout the trading week.

Diversify your portfolio

Commodities prices

  • Markets
  • NGAS
  • WTI
  • Bid
  • 58.39
  • 2.411
  • 52.91
  • Ask
  • 58.42
  • 2.458
  • 52.97
  • Spread
  • 0.03
  • 0.050
  • 0.06

Prices are indicative only.

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How to trade commodities

Oil and gas are the two most popular commodities. They are traded in heavy volumes around the clock offering multiple opportunities to online traders. Whether it is US Crude Oil (WTI), Brent Oil (Brent) or Natural Gas (NATGAS), energy commodities are quoted in USD.

This means, that when trading energy CFDs the exchange rate of the US Dollar is a key factor to keep an eye on. Our commodity CFDs are offered with a “buy” price and a “sell” price. The difference between the prices is known as the “spread”.

If you think that the price of WTI Oil will rise, you buy 1 lot of WTI at $54.17, which equals to a profit of $100 for every 0.01 of price movement, if the market moves in the direction you predicted.

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