Inside the shop, I saw a large variety of Japanese tidbits.The shop also sells food like soft serve and fried potato crisps. Meiji THE chocolate bar flavors are determined by the cacao beans origin as they come from different climes and countries. BUY NOW ON AMAZON:  Morinaga ChocoBall chocolate candy – choose your flavor, Image credit: Willis Lam via Flickr CC BY-2.0. BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Meiji THE Chocolate Brilliant Milk x 10 pack. ROYCE' - HOW JAPAN DOES CHOCOLATE. Royce chocolate bars come in a distinctive wholesome minimalist packaging with a stamped nameplate in different colours depending on the flavor. Royce Chocolates was established in Japan in 1983 and has now expanded overseas. Made by Nestle, Kit Kat varieties in Japan have, from time to time,  include: Image credit:Mira Pangkey via Flickr CC BY-2.0. Royal Milk Tea (that’s one I’d love to try! Nama chocolate is kind of like the best gooey chocolate brownie you’ve ever tasted. On the day I went, I was happily greeted by a Japanese lady who offered samples, after tasting 3 flavours I settled on their most popular Au Lait flavour. BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Milk Chocolate Meiji Chocolate Bar. Sounds great. The good news is that all these snacks are extremely popular and are available to buy in major airports such as Tokyo Haneda Airport, Tokyo Narita Airport, and Kansai International Airport, so you should never have a problem in finding them even if you are looking for them at the last minute. Tokyo Banana is probably the most common snack most people will buy back from Japan. They release special Pocky in seasonal varieties too. These Japanese chocolate biscuits are a big hit with the kids. BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Lotte Crunky Balls x 6 pack. Find out why Japanese chocolate rates so highly with both locals, AND visitors alike. One is located at Takeshita Street in Harajuku, while the other is situated at Tokyo Station.. They have popup shops at major department stores all the time. Royce' Raw chocolate Mana Chocolate Hokkaido selections gift 2019. Crunky chocolate has a biscuity texture due to the puffed wheat but it’s quite a different taste sensation to Nestle Crunch. You can also buy fruit flavored Pocky in Orange, Strawberry, Kintoki Sweet Potato, Sato Nishiki Cherry, King Melon, Grape and Matcha flavors, BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Variety Pack of 5 Flavors of Pocky, Image credit: Janine via Flickr CC BY-2.0. That feature alone made this product stand out from the crowd of chocolate bars in the Japanese market whose packaging and text is designed to sit horizontally. Required fields are marked *. World of Royce chocolate in Japan stocks over 200 varieties of Royce chocolates, including speciality Royce chocolates you can’t buy anywhere else. And our products are very popular among tourists for both their price and quality. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. Followed your advice and went to the Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza near Yurakucho Station. We feature these two famous Japanese chocolate brand companies below, plus a whole bunch of other Japanese chocolate brands to look out for. by festi (guest) Re: Where to buy Royce chocolate? Hi! I cant find Royce chocolate anywhere, Im near Tokyo. As people have noted before, it's only available in Tokyo department stores when they have special events like a Hokkaido fair or Valentine's Day etc. Tokyo Banana. Legend says these chocolate bars have made their creator a millionaire! Ghana Milk chocolate bars have a creamy texture. Cheers. It’s a melt in your mouth experience you must try at least once. Free shipping for many products! it is available on Amazon Japan You can buy Royce in a set with wafers, potato chips and nama chocolate included in the purchase. Ghana milk chocolate bars cost about 100 yen, and they are readily available in convenience stores and supermarkets. If I spot Crunky Chocolate balls in a konbini in Japan, there goes the diet. It’s basically a soft sponge cake… Roam the Gnome ™ is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates program. Just in case it is not, the entire shopping street at Tanuki-koji will have shops selling them as well. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Hot tip: Read our complete guide to sweet and savory snacks in Japan here. If you make a purchase or booking after clicking on a link on Roam the Gnome™, we may receive a small affiliate commission at NO COST to you. At the same shop, Royce should also be available. Japan is world famous for many things. Not all 100 yen stores sell food, but even if they don’t, enjoy the riches you’ll find. Hey, thanks! Royce' Chocolate World is a chocoholic's dream 'theme park' at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. Besides the snacks from Royce Ishikajima as mentioned in the previous post, I managed to restrain my purse and bought a few (not all) Nama Chocolates that is made with local Okinawan produce. Last time, I got a $5.00 discount voucher for Royce Chocolates. Established in 1983 in Hokkaido, ROYCE' chocolates have been available in Singapore since 2001. Almost as cute as the toadstools, these Japanese chocolate biscuit snacks are shaped like bamboo shoots. Image credit: Miki Yoshihito via Flickr CC BY-2.0. … Today not only is it enjoyed by locals but also by chocolate lovers all around the world. Now numbers of their significant sweets are available at Narita Airport, including Potato Chip Chocolate Nama Chocolate. Velvety smooth and silky Nama chocolate is made in limited edition batches, so be quick to jump on those. INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide to the Best Japanese chocolate to eat, and he should know! They sell buttery chocolate-covered thin biscuits in coconut and hazel cacao flavours – these are called Royce Baton cookies. If you can’t stop eating chocolate, Japan is both ALL your dreams come true, AND your worst nightmare! Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. The best place to buy Royce chocolate in Tokyo is at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Fujiya Chocolate is brought to you by the same company that makes the delicious Milky Candy featuring the adorable Peko-chan girl. I nodded and kept the box unopened until 12 hours after I'd arrived on the Island of Hawaii; lo and behold, the small bits of dry ice stayed the way they had been back in KIX. Image credit 700: Ninjakeg via Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0. Royce', a famous Hokkaido chocolate maker that's especially known for its ganache, set up the facility to let everyone enjoy the sweet life of making chocolate. Fun Fact: Chocolate in Japan is called ‘chokoreeto’. Royce Japanese chocolate has a special spot in the hearts of many Japanese people and more and more visitors to Japan are discovering this Japanese brand of chocolate too. There is a Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza in the building next to JR Yurakucho Station. But sadly, we can’t tell you how to make Japanese chocolate, how to make Japanese chocolate cake, how to make Japanese chocolate mochi (although we’d love to know how), how to make Japanese chocolate pudding, or how to make Japanese chocolate muffins. Kinoko no Yama are a brand of biscuits shaped like mushrooms topped with chocolate that come in several flavors. Hot tip: Look out for DIY candy boxes to make your own chocolate snacks too! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Find The Cheapest Royce Chocolates in Singapore. Royce’ chocolates took the world by storm with its Belgian-inspired fine chocolates. Meltykiss chocolate cubes by Meiji are so soft to eat, they are only available in the cooler seasons. 2019/11/19 10:29 But it at the airport, or in Hokkaido. It’s that balance of Hokkaido cream, chocolate, and liqueur that creates the bite-sized magic. Your email address will not be published. Made from locally made dark chocolate and fresh, thick Hokkaido cream, the finish is a chocolate dust coating that reminds me of pixie dust. You can buy some at KIX. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. The strawberry-flavored white chocolate cream inside means you cannot stop at one. These Japanese chocolate almonds packs make wonderful Japanese food souvenirs as they are small and lightweight to carry. <<